On Tuesday, February 6, Jersey Renews partnered with the Amalgamated Transit Union, New Jersey Working Families Alliance and other allies to host a rally in Jersey City on electrification of transit as part of Transit Equity Day, a national day of action organized by The Labor Network for Sustainability. Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and members of the City Council hosted the event and participated in the rally.

Mayor Fulop announced an RFP to build electric vehicle charging stations in every ward of Jersey City, which is a model Jersey Renews hopes other communities will adopt. Since nearly 50% of New Jersey’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector, with a large portion of that coming from personal vehicles, developing public charging infrastructure within communities is key to incentivizing widespread electric vehicle adoption. The event featured speakers from labor, faith, and environmental groups, displaying a united front on the urgency of electrifying New Jersey’s transportation systems with calls for New Jersey Transit to do more, particularly regarding the bus fleet.

All New Jersey residents deserve access to sustainable and affordable transportation. Building and expanding our public transit, as well as investing in electric vehicle infrastructure can help move us away from our dependence on fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy. In addition to mitigating climate change, electrifying transportation creates good, family-sustaining jobs and improves local air quality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and particulate matter, resulting in better health for transit workers, commuters, and New Jersey residents living in high-traffic areas.

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Posted by Jersey Renews on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

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Jersey City going green

Jersey City is taking the first steps to put a stop to the amount of pollution in the city by allowing residents to have access to high-quality renewable public transportation. FiOS1 News’ Raven Santana has the story.

Posted by Verizon FiOS1 – New Jersey on Tuesday, February 6, 2018