Climate change poses a massive threat, and New Jersey is in a precarious position. Without taking any action, the Jersey shore’s iconic coastline will be lost to sea level rise by the end of the century, along with the homes of thousands of people.

Jersey Renews is taking up the charge for strong actions to counter climate change and prepare New Jersey for the future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing dangerous deadly air pollution, moving toward a truly clean energy future, and creating and securing good, family-sustaining clean energy and green infrastructure jobs.


Climate change is a universal problem that needs innovative solutions. In response to the urgency of climate change, Jersey Renews has brought together organizations from across the state and across sectors to urge our elected officials to act now. We are a broad coalition of labor, faith, community, and environmental organizations demanding that New Jersey doesn’t just act on climate, it leads.


New Jersey should be a leader in progressive climate change policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution while maintaining and creating jobs and economic benefits for those most affected. Jersey Renews worked in partnership with organizations across the state and policy experts to develop targeted policy recommendations for the greatest impact.



Jersey Renews launched January 25, 2017