Experts Discuss Offshore Wind, State’s Energy Future

"'To not believe in climate change at this point is ludicrous,” said Patrick Hossay, a professor of sustainability at Stockton University. “You can choose to not believe in gravity, but if you jump off of a building…you’re going to die.' Plenty of ideas are out in the open regarding the changing climate around the world. But [...]

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Offshore wind proponents voice support in Atlantic City

"On Wednesday, before the backdrop of several large wind turbines that power the Atlantic County Utilities Authority’s wastewater treatment facility, the environmental coalition Jersey Renews held a panel conference to discuss advancing offshore wind projects in New Jersey. The panel included voices from across all spectrums — faith leaders, environmental groups, health care and industrial [...]

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Greenfaith creates coalition to promote healthy environment

"Jersey Renews is looking for a few good rabbis. Two New Jersey rabbis are among 10 clergy in the state who have signed on to endorse Jersey Renews, a coalition of over 30 NJ-based faith, labor, community, and environmental organizations committed to fighting climate change in the state. The organization is looking for 100 clergy [...]

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Coalition to oppose anti-climate policies

"Jersey Renews and its organizational partners are ready. Whether it is green training programs in Trenton, or weatherization in Newark, to offshore wind in South Jersey, we have our dukes up and are going to the mat to get this done. The vitality and sustainability of New Jersey and its residents deserve nothing less. It’s [...]

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Trump’s war on the environment must be fought locally

"If this is the start of a war on science, climate action must be rekindled in state capitals and through grassroots activism. Consider what happened here Wednesday: New Jersey's environmentalists banded with labor, community and faith groups to form Jersey Renews, a huge coalition seeking to establish our state as a leader on clean energy [...]

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New Coalition Melds Labor, Faith, and ‘Green’ Groups To Fight Global Warming

NJ Spotlight reporting: "Alarmed by climate change, an unusual coalition of labor, faith, community, and environmental organizations is banding together to more forcefully promote steps to curtail global warming. The coalition, Jersey Renews, cited steps taken by the Trump administration along with years of inaction in Trenton as the motivation behind its efforts to vault [...]

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New coalition aims to fight climate change in New Jersey under Trump

WHYY Newsworks reporting: "A new coalition of more than 30 environmental, labor, and community organizations is urging New Jersey lawmakers to do more about the threat of climate change and reduce the state's greenhouse gas emissions. Dan Fatton, executive director of the Work Environment Council, said the coalition, called Jersey Renews, is a ray of [...]

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Diverse Partners Launch Jersey Renews

For Immediate Release: 10:30 a.m., January 25, 2017 Contact: Dan Fatton, Work Environment Council, 908-303-4546 Rev. Fletcher Harper, GreenFaith, 201-390-0094 Doug O’Malley, Environment New Jersey, 917-449-6812 New Statewide Coalition Calls for Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Jobs, Improved Air Quality; Targets Current & Future State Leaders Trenton – A diverse array of over 30 New Jersey [...]

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Media Advisory: Jersey Renews Launch

For Immediate Release January 23, 2017 Contact: Dan Fatton, Executive Director, New Jersey Work Environment Council; (908) 303-4546 Doug O'Malley, Director, Environment New Jersey; (917) 449-6812 Rev. Fletcher Harper, Director, GreenFaith; (201) 390-0094 Jeff Tittel, Director, New Jersey Sierra Club; (609) 558-9100 Jan 25: Public Launch of ‘Jersey Renews’ Coalition to Fight Climate Change On Wednesday, January 25th, [...]

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