For Immediate Release: June 21, 2019

Contact: Norah Langweiler, NJ Work Environment Council, 908-303-4546 ext. 302

New Jersey Just Made History
BPU Announces Winner of 1,100 MW Offshore Wind Solicitation

Trenton – Today, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities announced Orsted/OceanWind as the winner of the first round of solicitations to build offshore wind turbines on our coast. The recently release Energy Master Plan lists offshore wind as a major contributor to New Jersey’s Renewable Energy Portfolio. More information to come upon the release of the Offshore Wind Master Plan this fall.

“Offshore wind is a foundational pillar for New Jersey’s transition to renewable energy,”said Norah Langweiler, campaign organizer for Jersey Renews. “Not only do we get the benefit of clean energy, we have the opportunity to set the industry standard for worker protections and compensation in a burgeoning sector.”

“This announcement is the infusion of energy New Jersey needs, both for our grid and our economy. As the offshore wind sector is developed, we need to keep a keen eye on the supply chain to ensure domestic sourcing of goods and strong, family-sustaining jobs,” said Debra Coyle McFadden, executive director of New Jersey Work Environment Council.

Accounting for a third of New Jersey’s offshore wind production goal, the 1,100 megawatts, this solicitation is the largest offshore wind project in the country. Additionally, the state’s goal of 3,500 megawatts by 2030 is currently the largest codified goal in the country.

“New Jersey just made history. This is the largest move yet in America to move forward with off-shore wind. These turbines will provide the clean energy engine we need to power our state with clean, renewable energy and finally tap the goldmine of off-shore wind potential off the Jersey Shore. Offshore wind is one of our best tools to fight climate change and New Jersey just cemented its place as a national leader,” said Doug O’Malley, director of Environment New Jersey.

“This is a big win for offshore wind and renewable energy. This is the first real accomplishment by the Murphy Administration in advancing renewable energy and making wind energy a reality. This will help move towards renewable energy while reducing costs and increasing green jobs. What we have been talking about for years is finally happening. Off our coast, we have the Saudi Arabia of wind where New Jersey can get half of its electricity from wind by 2030,” said Jeff Tittel, Director of New Jersey Sierra Club. “This is a great day but we need to do more to reduce our climate impacts and capitalize on renewable energy.”

“People of faith in New Jersey are 100% behind renewable energy for the state, and for the family -sustaining jobs that this commitment will generate,” said Rev. Ronald Tuff, organizer at GreenFaith New Jersey.“This announcement is a concrete step in the right direction.”

“It’s long overdue. They can’t build wind turbines fast enough to get us to reach out renewable energy goals,” saidAmy Goldsmith, executive director of Clean Water Action New Jersey. “The BPU has to be more aggressive in getting to the next phase of offshore wind as well as maximizing kilowatt hour from other Class I renewables.”


Jersey Renews is a broad-based coalition of over 60 labor, faith, community, environmental and business organizations pushing to make New Jersey a leader in climate policy.