PATERSON, NJ – More than 60 elected officials, members of the clergy, and local residents enjoyed bright sunshine as they viewed and learned the benefits of the more than one dozen electric cars, as well as a hybrid vehicle that runs on both gasoline and a battery, on display in the parking lot Paterson’s historic Calvary Baptist Church Wednesday.

The event, hosted by GreenFaith, a coalition for the environment that works with houses of worship, religious schools, and people of all faiths to guide environmental stewardship, was held to highlight an upcoming vote in the New Jersey Legislature on a bill to develop incentives and infrastructure for electric transportation in New Jersey.

Saying it was the second electric car show they have hosted, Reverend Randall Lassiter, Senior Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church, added that there is an urgency to address climate change and air pollution in urban communities. “We are here not only for the educational and economic opportunity, but also, above all else, to care for the voiceless, the blind, and the sick.”

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