Press Release: New Jersey Joins 15-State Truck Electrification Pact, Committing to Lead On Air Pollution and Climate Change 

For Immediate Release:  July 14th, 2020 Contact: Berenice Tompkins, Cell: 914-564-3094 New Jersey Joins 15-State Truck Electrification Pact, Committing to Lead On Air Pollution and Climate Change  Truck Electrification Will Be Focus For RGGI Funds, Pact Follows CA’s Lead on Electric Trucks Trenton -- Today New Jersey was one of fifteen states to release an [...]

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Op-Ed: Transit Equity Day – New Jersey Must Create a Transportation System Accessible for All

By: Orlando Riley, Chairman, Amalgamated Transit Union NJ State Council & Norah Langweiler, Jersey Renews Campaign Organizer, New Jersey Work Environment Council New Jersey suffers from dual problems associated with the same root cause: poor air quality and some of the worst traffic congestion and longest commutes in the country. The cause of this issue [...]

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Op-Ed: Electric Vehicles: Creating clean air & green jobs by transitioning public transit

By Andre Sayegh, Mayor of Paterson, NJ When an array of interests find a collective voice for action on an issue, it’s a sign we are onto something significant. In this way, I am proud to place Paterson as a focal point for this consensus about the health, and environmental and economic benefits of a transition [...]

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OPINION: Trenton mayor: One bill could supercharge the city’s transportation, jobs and clean air

By Reed Gusciora and Andre Thomas Creating a healthy and sustainable Trenton requires access to family-sustaining jobs for everyone while ensuring residents have safe, reliable, affordable, and functional transportation options that will get them to their places of employment and home at the end of their shift. Isles, Inc. focuses on community development and environmental [...]

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OPINION: New Jersey needs more electric transit to fight climate change

By Barbara Rosen and Debra Coyle McFadden Climate change is the greatest threat to public health of the 21st century, with disproportionate harm borne by the most vulnerable and disadvantaged New Jerseyans among us. Fortunately, a 21st century clean technology solution is available. Transition to an electrified transportation system will reduce the use of petroleum-fueled [...]

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Electric cars can combat air pollution

By Fran Gallagher Every year, hundreds of New Jerseyans die prematurely from air pollution released from diesel vehicles, like trucks and buses, cars, and rail. Our car-dependent culture has us traversing the highways and our neighborhood streets, adding to ground-level emissions that not only release air pollutants, but also contribute to climate change. That has [...]

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OPINION: Lawmakers should pass bill supporting ElectrifyNJ agenda

By Rev. Ronald Tuff and Rev. Bryant Ali Breath is life. This simple reality compels us, as African-American faith leaders, to urge our state and local elected officials and business leaders to support the passage of S2252/A4819, a transformational bill which would improve air quality and help fight climate change. The legislation would accelerate the [...]

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