This week, the Trump administration has begun efforts to rollback Clean Car Standards and reduce the agency of states to create their own, more intensive regulations for vehicle emissions like the California Clean Cars Program, of which New Jersey is a part.

The transportation sector is the largest source of pollution in the country. In New Jersey, it accounts for nearly 50% of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions. The EPA’s suggestion that reducing fuel economy will save 1,000 lives per year because cars will become more affordable does not take into account the thousands of lives that are lost to lung and heart disease caused by air pollution. 

Current trends in manufacturing and purchasing show that fuel efficiency and electric vehicles are an increasing share of the mark and this ill-advised policy shift will make it difficult for American auto manufacturers to be competitive in a global market.

Jersey Renews campaign organizer, Norah Langweiler, issued this statement:

“In my work with Jersey Renews, I’ve worked with representatives from many sectors – environment, labor, faith, community, public health, and students – whose constituents support policies that will reduce emissions and increase investment in clean energy. If we rollback Clean Car Standards, we are giving up one of the most effective climate mitigation programs in the country – and moving towards a dangerous and unstable future for ourselves and generations to come.”