For Immediate Release: November 25, 2019

Contact: Norah Langweiler, NJ Work Environment Council, (609) 214-5110

Trenton, NJ – Today, Jersey Renews hosted a day of action to urge legislators to pass the electric vehicle bill S2252/A4819. Supporters gathered in the State House Annex to promote a just transition to an electrified transit system in New Jersey.

With nearly 50% of greenhouse gas emissions coming from the transportation sector, a majority coming from light-duty vehicles like the standard family car, it is imperative that action is taken to get cleaner cars on our roads. Passing the proposed bill will make it cost-effective and easier for New Jerseyans to buy electric cars, find places to plug in, and will be a huge step towards reducing harmful emissions.

“Our best hope to get global climate change under control is EVs with a non-carbon, renewables power source,” said Senator Bob Smith. “This bill is crucial to our future.”

“Climate change is the pivotal issue of our time. What we do today, and what we haven’t done in the past, will impact us for generations. Climate change isn’t just a future hazard. It has real consequences today in massive storms, fever heat, and the threat of disease. That’s we need to advocate for the passage of electric vehicle bill S2252,” said Norah Langweiler, campaign organizer for Jersey Renews.

“By passing the EV bill, S2252, the NJ Legislature has an opportunity to improve public health, spur economic development and take a bold step to tackle climate change at a time the Trump Administration is formally withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement,” said Debra Coyle McFadden, executive director of New Jersey Work Environment Council. “It is up to states to lead.”

“The lame-duck legislative clock is ticking and the time is now to pass the electric vehicle legislation,” said Doug O’Malley, director of Environment New Jersey. “Electric vehicles remain one of the best ways to clean up our air & fight climate change, but we need to supercharge their adoption. The best way to make EVs common is to build a fast-charging network of EV chargers along our busiest roadways and to provide rebates to purchase more EVs. We urge the Legislature to pass the EV bill by the end of the session.”

“There is a time and a season for everything, and the time for electric vehicles, cleaner air, a safer climate, and green jobs has arrived, said Rev. Ronald Tuff, clean energy organizer for GreenFaith. “We urge the state to take action quickly.”

“We need the Legislature to act now to move forward with electric vehicle bill S2252 (Smith). New Jersey has some of the worst air quality in the nation, with almost half coming from automobile emissions. We need to electrify, not only so we can all breathe easier, but also to reduce greenhouse gases and climate impacts. This legislation will help kick electric vehicles into high gear and reduce air pollution,” said Jeff Tittel, director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. “New Jersey is one of the best states to utilize electric vehicles since most of our energy is already carbon-free. We need to accelerate the timeline of this legislation and get it passed before the end of the year. This will create new jobs and get our economy moving forward with electric vehicles.”

“Vehicle emissions account for over 40% of NJ’s climate emissions. If we are serious about quickly cutting NJ’s carbon footprint, we need to pass S2252 / A4819 to jump-start electrification of NJ’s transportation sector,” said Eric Benson, campaign director for Clean Water Action. “Investing in public charging stations, purchasing electric busses for NJ Transit, and providing rebates for modest electric vehicles are critical steps towards a carbon-free transportation sector.”

In passing this bill, New Jersey has an opportunity to not only improve public health and help mitigate the effects of climate change, but spur economic development and make New Jersey a leader in the electric vehicle market. Video of the event can be found here.


About Jersey Renews

Jersey Renews is a broad coalition of labor, environment, and faith organizations working to make New Jersey a leader in climate policy by increasing clean energy infrastructure, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and ensuring good, family-sustaining jobs in the transition to a clean energy economy.