Five years after Sandy, we remember, we resist, we rise.

On Saturday, October 28th, Jersey Renews is marching in solidarity with #Sandy5 in NYC to show elected officials that we want our states to be leaders in climate policy. Learn more at

Five years ago, the Jersey shore and New York City were devastated by a storm more dangerous than anything we’d ever seen. Fueled by worsening climate change and rising global temperatures, Superstorm Sandy took the lives of 40 New Jerseyans and 43 New Yorkers. By the time Sandy passed, it had left tens of thousands of families homeless and had cost billions in damage, for which our communities are still paying.

Today, these extreme weather conditions are only getting worse. In the past few weeks, we have seen unprecedented storms rip through Texas, Louisiana, and Florida, and devastate Puerto Rico. With climate disasters threatening communities around the country and world, and a federal government bought and paid for by fossil fuel billionaires, people are rightfully afraid.

But we are also determined. New York and New Jersey should work together to become the model of a just transition to a clean energy economy. We want to live where we can all breathe clean air, where our economy is powered by good jobs and renewable energy, and where our families are safe from dangerous floods and heat waves.