On Monday, September 16 Jersey Renews submitted a thorough round of comments to the Board of Public utilities. The culmination of months of testimony, research, and collaboration, Jersey Renews’ comments represent the wide breadth of the coalition, touching on the variety of topics the BPU is considering.

Jersey Renews’ comments spanned the same wide breadth of the coalition itself, touching on energy efficiency, solar installations, building codes, and community energy planning, but the bulk of the coalition’s comments focused on a few central concerns:

  1. Creating good, family-sustaining jobs in the burgeoning industries likely supported by the EMP by ensuring workers’ rights to organize, prevailing wage agreements, and comprehensive training programs.
  2. Developing New Jersey’s offshore wind industry by increasing our commitment to 7,000 megawatts by 2030. Increasing the goal keeps NJ competitive in an increasingly competitive (word choice) market.
  3. Reducing emissions from the transportation sector by electrifying personal vehicles and public transportation along with ensuring secure funding for NJ Transit to invest in capital projects.

Read the full comments below.