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For Immediate Release: May 14, 2018


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Jersey Renews Launches Business Affiliates:
Business Community Joins Labor, Faith, & Environmental Organizations
Demanding State Action on Climate Change

Trenton, NJ – Jersey Renews announced endorsements of its platform from its new business affiliates, an initiative that gives local business owners and business umbrella groups an opportunity to advocate for policies that fight climate change, sustain communities, and put people to work. The inaugural affiliates include three business umbrella organizations: New Jersey Sustainable Business Council, New Jersey Main Street Alliance, and the Business Network for Offshore Wind.

These organizations recognize New Jersey’s precarious position; our low-lying, coastal state is at risk of losing the iconic, and densely populated, shoreline to climate change. In January 2017, Jersey Renews was founded by leaders from the labor, faith, and environmental sectors, uniting to push New Jersey to be a leader on state-based policies addressing climate change. Since that time, the coalition has grown to more than 60 organizations and now includes representatives from health, community, and student organizations as well.

Jersey Renews business affiliates will contribute their voice and expertise to support Jersey Renews’ policy recommendations. All coalition partners and affiliates support three main goals: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing clean energy, and ensuring good, family-sustaining jobs throughout the state.

“We’ve got a diverse group of labor unions and worker centers, as well as community and student organizations working together in solidarity to support common-sense policies that address climate change. We are thrilled to expand our coalition even further by partnering with our new business affiliates. It is essential that business leaders lend their strong voices to demand state action on climate,” said Norah Langweiler, campaign organizer for Jersey Renews.

“The business of the clean energy economy is no longer a glimmer in our eyes,” said Doug O’Malley, executive director of Environment New Jersey. “It continues to expand and we are proud to partner with these business affiliates as part of the Jersey Renews coalition. Business voices have a powerful voice to argue for climate action, and these business associations represent the top tier of New Jersey’s clean energy economy.”

“Creating a more vibrant, sustainable and equitable New Jersey economy depends on the right combination of market-driven and public policy solutions. NJSBC is proud to be a member of a coalition of organizations united in the common purpose of advancing climate policies that are fundamental to fostering systemic change for the common good,” said Richard Lawton, executive director of the New Jersey Sustainable Business Council.

“As a nonprofit organization that seeks to reduce emissions and create long-term, well paying local jobs by developing the offshore wind industry in New Jersey and other states, we are pleased to join the Jersey Renews coalition,” said Liz Burdock, executive director of the Business Network for Offshore Wind. “We look forward to educating policy-makers and the public about the importance of growing offshore wind and developing a high-skill workforce to prove that the private sector can do well by doing good for the environment and our communities.”

Climate change has already impacted businesses in New Jersey. Hurricane Sandy left a path of destruction 1,100 miles along the Atlantic coast in 2012. It was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the year and one of the costliest hurricanes in United States history. It is estimated that the total economic losses from Sandy were approximately $30 billion. As the climate continues to change and extreme weather events become more common, small and local businesses are going to bear the burden of cost, including increased insurance premiums, lost business days and clean-up costs.

Jersey Renews is a broad-based coalition of over 60 labor, faith, community, environmental and business organizations.