Via ReThink Energy: Offshore Wind: A Win for New Jersey

On Wednesday, August 16, Jersey Renews held the first in a series of events promoting policies that will push New Jersey towards a just transition to more clean, renewable energy. This event tackled offshore wind power with an expert panel and community press conference and was held at Atlantic City Utilities Authority (ACUA). The panel of experts, speaking from the control room of the ACUA, discussed job opportunities, energy output, and environmental concerns related to the construction and maintenance of offshore wind turbines. The press event, held under the shadow of an impressive turbine a few hundred yards away, was replete with community advocates who argued passionately for the state to move forward with offshore wind power and renewable energy that will save our communities.

Media Coverage

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Presentations from the Event

Offshore Wind & Wildlife (PDF)
Curtis Fisher
Regional Executive Director, Conservation Programs
National Wildlife Federation, Northeast Regional Center

Making NJ A Clean Energy Leader (PDF)
Liz Burdock
Executive Director
Business Network for Offshore Wind

Information from our Partners

NJ Policy Paper (PDF)
Liz Burdock
Executive Director
Business Network for Offshore Wind

Ocean Wind
Beth Treseder
Senior Regulatory Advisor
DONG Energy