On Monday, Sept 18, Jersey Renews and Isles, Inc. co-hosted Jobs for a Just Transition, an interactive event highlighting the importance of job training for un- and underemployed workers in the energy efficiency sector. Well-trained workers are able to assess homes for energy efficiency upgrades and safety, offering a wealth of benefits to communities and individuals. Energy efficiency upgrades lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce utility bills by using less energy overall, and improve the indoor environmental health of homes by ensuring safe materials and proper ventilation. Jobs in this sector are local, they cannot be outsourced, and family-sustaining, paying an average of $5,000 more per year than the national median.

The event featured faith leaders, and experts in job training and energy efficiency to emphasize the concrete impact job training has on our communities.


Job Training Panel Livestream

Assessing the Home

Updating the Attic

House of Pressure

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