A broad-based coalition
of labor, faith, community and environmental organizations
urging our elected officials to act now.

We want environmental justice, clean renewable energy, good jobs, and protections for workers & communities.



  • Improve fuel efficiency of transportation sector
  • Reduce methane, a potent GHG
  • Retrofit buildings to increase efficiency and safety

  • Support a comprehensive sustainable infrastructure investment program

  • Protect against environmental and economic leakage

  • Ensure climate-friendly compliance flexibility

  • Improve energy efficiency savings
  • Expand energy efficiency technologies at industrial facilities

  • Support offshore wind

  • Increase funding and end all Clean Energy Fund, and other dedicated fund, budget raids

  • Increase support for research & development
  • Modernize the electric grid

  • Guarantee labor-friendly policies
  • Pursue domestic sourcing
  • Prevent off-shoring

  • Establish a thermal hazard standard

  • Target resources

  • Reduce air pollution

  • Create a public bank

  • Commit to a statewide weatherization & energy efficiency workforce development program

  • Protect the vulnerable


CWA Local 1081

CWA Local 1085